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Monday 17th December: 0900-2000

Tuesday 18th December: 0900-2000 

Wednesday 19th December: 0900-2000

Thursday 20th December: 0900-2000

Friday 21st December: 0900-2000 

Saturday 22nd December: 0900-2000

Sunday 23rd December: 1100-1600 

Monday 24th December: 0900-1500 (match ticket office hours)

Tuesday 25th December: CLOSED

Wednesday 26th December: 0900 - 1 hour after full time

Thursday 27th December: 0900-1700

Friday 28th December: 0900-1700

Saturday 29th December: 0900 - 1 hour after full time

Sunday 30th December: 1100-1600

Monday 31st December: 0900 - 1500 (match ticket office hours) 

Tuesday 1st January: CLOSED

Wednesday 2nd January: 0900-1700

Thursday 3rd January: 0900-1700 

Friday 4th January: 0900-1700

Saturday 5th January: 0900-1700

Sunday 6th January: 1100-1600